Our Goals

As Abbeville United Methodist Church continues on the Path to Transformation, we have defined our vision as being “Called to be a vibrant and loving presence in our community, leading God’s people to hopeful living through Jesus Christ by serving children and families.”

We’d like to share our goals with which we hope, with God’s help, to accomplish our vision.

Goal 1 – Transform the yard sale into a regular and recurring mission housed within the church to serve as a resource for love, care, and relationship with the community, which would include the following:

– School Uniform Shop
– Clothes and Assistance for Job Seekers
– Coats and Bags for the Homeless
– Clothes for Homeless Veterans
– Shoes for American Cancer Society
– Home Goods for People in Need

Goal 2 – Develop a program for families which begins with reaching our community’s children for learning, love, and preparing them for a hopeful future. This would include developing an after-school program that feeds body, mind, and spirit.

Goal 3 – Advancing these missions to create a family-oriented collaboration with our community to become a Spirit-filled, hopeful, and welcoming center for family fun, personal growth, and support, dedicated to building disciples for Jesus Christ. This would include developing a “Family Night”, centered on relationship building while offering spiritual help and resources.