Updates, Etc.

A note from Megan, your Web Admin:

December is a busy month for Abbeville UMC! We’ve been hard at work both online and offline. The “Welcome” page has been updated to include our Vision Statement, and some menu items have changed. The menu item labeled “Events” has been changed to “Calendar” for clarity, and our Vision and Goals have been added as a drop-down menu item. We’re trying to keep the site as easy to navigate as possible so that you can find the information you’re looking for with a minimum of clicks.

As we continue on the Path to Transformation, our Vision has been defined as, “Called to be a vibrant and loving presence in our community, leading God’s people to hopeful living through Jesus Christ by serving children and families.” Condensed to our Purpose, we are “Loving, Leading, Serving”. Look for the hashtag #LovingLeadingServing on Facebook and Instagram. To learn more about our Vision and Goals, click on the menu item “Vision”.

We thank you for your prayers, your gifts, and your continued support!

Peace, love, and prayers!